Untimely Universe

Remember my E post : the prologue of one of my stories? Well here is a wee bit more…. and then if you want the entire thing : ask me and I’ll print it and send it to you (We’ll decide on the price together). Untimely Universe seems an appropriate name for this chapter as tomorrow happens way too early for Gregory and Amanda, but that also adds to their hightened sense of adventure and danger. What lurks in the shadows?

Sooo here is a wee bit more…. Enjoy : 


About 20 years later,

  Gregory woke up one morning wondering what had happened. And although everything seemed normal he knew there was something deadly wrong. He could feel the still air around him, the cold air surrounding them.

  He looked over to his sister, still asleep, she seemed calm, a slight smile planted at the corner of her lips. She was obviously alright. Gregory looked around them and suddenly decided they had to move fast. He wished more than anything, if only for his beloved sister’s sake that their life was normal, but as far as they knew it wasn’t possible, not right now anyway.

  « Wake up, Amanda, we have to leave »

  His sister woke up with a start and immediately started packing their things. It had been two whole days since their asylum had been burnt down, but he still didn’t fully grasp what had happened, and how in mere minutes they had both lost so much. Not only had they lost the comfort of the only life they had known, but also their innocence.

  Gregory and Amanda had been living in the asylum ever since they could remember. It had been quite a lonely and hard place, but they had felt safe there, now they were compelled to run. Only two months ago had they learned where they were from and who their parents really were. For years they had both thought themselves abandoned and rejected by society. But how wrong had they been, their parents were heroes and they would find them, whatever it took and no matter the time it would take.

  Their asylum was situated at the bottom of the Broken Mountains, near a town called Ladybug, it was named thus after an important family had built it from from scraps centuries ago. There remained nothing of them, people said they had all died in a savage attack. Ladybug was in the land of the Sky, which was the name of our world. Gregory and Amanda had been told how beautiful and unique a land they lived in, but they had never seen anything but the walls of their asylum and the high peaks of Broken Mountain in the distance. Nor Gregory and his sister, or anyone in the asylum had anyone coming to visit them, all the children were quite alone in the world, apart from themselves and the people caring for them.

  The people caring for them were called the Brothers of the Sky, they were an ancient organisation caring for the unwanted. With them everyday was the same routine, food, exercise, and then most their time was devoted to learning and practising their trade.

  Gregory had always known he should grateful and appreciative for what they did for them, but he had always felt strongly about the lack of love and appreciation, for the Brothers were never close to the children. He had seen many of the other children and occasionaly himself and Amanda be martyrised by the Brothers. They meant well, that much he knew, but they were only men, with their temptations and their angers. Despite those feelings Gregory knew that whilst they were with the Brothers they were protected from the outside world. Little did he foresee the fire. They were now free from the influence and power of the Brothers, but what else was out there trying to get them?



TO BE CONTINUED…… if so is your wish 😀

I can’t believe we are nearing the end of this wonderful blogging adventure! Wow how time flies! I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am. I do also hope you like the beginning of this story. I’ve always been fascinated by the creation of different worlds and imagination is powerful tool. 

Cheerio y’all, and I do look forward to your comments 🙂


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