V for Vin français!! D

Who doesn’t love french wines? Aren’t just as many as you could possibly wish for?

I grew up in the Dordogne valley, where Bergerac is very famous for its wines, and then I went to uni in Bordeaux which is even more famous for its wines. And if you know how to look you can find beautiful wines. Le vin is an institution many of us couldn’t live without. It provides us with an adventure, a palate adventure : now just think back to your first experience with wine. What were your very first thoughts : love? disgust? Both? 

Now Bergerac which I’d like to focus on today has these different vins : Montravel, Monbazillac, Pécharmant, Saussignac and côte de Bergerac. The whole countryside around this town offers tons of wonderful wineyards. 

What wines do you recommend? 
What do you think about ‘Le vin français?’! Haha doesn’t it sound too funny that I say that in french? 

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been visiting my mum and super busy in the south of France. 

Cheerio y’all xo


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