W for wonderful wonders! :D

Haven’t you always craved anything beautiful? And the sheer pleasure you can get from looking at beautiful wonders : the Rockies, the Blue Mountains, Bungle Bungles, the Kimberleys, the Sydney opera house, the harbour bridge, castles in France, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Hungary…. And sooo many others places. 

The sense of freedom, happiness, magic… Anything goes really… And your heats just bounces up and down until you’ve taken your fill, and likely as hell you’ll be back for more. Our environment has put a spell on many of us. And then you have the others : those who don’t care about our world. Let us try to forget about them (they make me so angry) and just think about all that nature offers us, all the wonders that await us and bring us comfort, adventure and love. 

Could you live without these? Isn’t it a wonderful thing to have so much to see in the world? So many places and wonders to eat up? (with our eyes I mean, of course!). 

Anyway keeping is short today, busy busy, off to visit Les grottes de Maxange today if you can find the time! 
Here is the link to these caves : 


Anyway, onto my next post x


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  1. I think I really needed this post today, Lizzi! I’ve been feeling very selfish of late, not appreciating the world around me, so thanks for kick-starting my butt into gear about gratitude and enjoying the natural, simple things in life 🙂 🙂

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