Y for Yesterday….

Isn’t yesterday something you would like to do over again sometimes? Or rather a point in your life that would like to keep untouched by time? Either way yesterday, is an important landmark for any and most of us out there. It teaches us about our history and how to be better tomorrow as well as today. It shows us different ways of doing things and how to (hopefully) avoid bigger mistakes. Yesterday can also provide us with regret : not to have done better, stayed stronger, etc… But it’s also a call to be a better person by looking at what the you of yesterday did. Take a chance at looking back and learning from yourself and those surrounding you. It’s well worth the detour.

Can I also mention The beatles here? Haha of course we all know that very song « Yesterday, all my troubles were so far away, …. ». I looooooove that song and could listen to it everyday. It provides one with a sense of shared possibilities. Have you ever been in such a situation? Think back to being a teenager, aren’t there things that were easier back then? Things that came more naturally? Things that are harder to do these days? Or have you never changed?

As a teenager I was soo much more outgoing and careless… good and bad right?! Well I’ve grown into a confident person who thinks (well I try to in any case) of others and their reactions before I do whatever I am thinking of doing. Haha in any case we all grow up, at some point and yesterday may seem far or close, it stills affects who we are today.

Ah yesterday… Such a romantic notion, full of long gone opportunities and long lost loved one. If we could travel in time who could resist it? 🙂 I wouldn’t, that’s for sure. I love tomorrow as much as yesterday and they hold equal importance in my perspective, I would love to be able to go backwards and forwards at my will. Oh yea. Use your imagination and you’ll be able to create a version of your own. I love being able to try and imagine things. What a laugh.

If you were born yesterday what would you have done? Well here is a wee list from me, myself and I : see the beatles in concert (well of course…) and Queen and lots of other bands; ermm build a castle (so I’d have to be the builder) and live in it (as well as the owner) and a princess maybe…or an author…; visit Jane Austen ( or be a friend of the family); discover Australia… and change the face of today’s world by stopping colonization; ohhh and and and prevent the slave trade from ever taking place… oh well…. and a lot more… Now it’s your turn to tell us….

Anyway sorry for not being very serious with my postings : been busy with family and pets!! As much as all of you I can imagine. So apologies for the delay.

Cheerio y’all xx


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