A few thoughts on….well life.. love…and more

It’s always interesting to find something you wrote about a long time ago…. here is a little snippet of my younger self :


I can love you
I can take care of you
But I cannot promise you
That one day I won’t leave you

I could go now
I could not love you
But I couldn’t forget you
I couldn’t forgive you

I could forget you right away
I could go far away
But I could never hate you
I couldn’t erase you

But I can promise you
I can tell you
That I will always be here
Whenever you need me,


Do you remember the drama of being young? Should I admit that even at almost 30 years old drama is still part of my everyday life? No matter how good life is, there is always something. As much as that is true, we all grow up to see drama differently and let it go rather than react.

We are the best that we can be at whatever that moment is.

I am glad to be writing here again. How about cat adventures for tomorrow?


Cheerio y’all, x 


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