Let’s imagine : random thoughts

If I could fly I would be an eagle, soaring through the skies looking for that very place to make my own. Looking out the window, it is easy to try and imagine what is happening all around us without us knowing anything. Do you enjoy peeking at lit windows in the dark? I know I do. The mischievous feeling of empowerment coming from your own mind seeking other places. With all these thoughts swimming in my mind, it was a pleasure to sip my cup of tea. 

Watching Muffin playing catch is great entertainment.

If I could be anywhere in the world, I’d be everywhere all at once. That would have to imply that I would become multiple. Now that would be something!

In less than 2 months we’ll be moving into our own home : our house!! I keep listening to Madness!! I am mad. Well as mad as the mad hatter, at the very least. 

Character development : 

Lilly, 29and a 1quarter and a half, writer and world traveller. Single. Lives in Paddington. Born : 28/05/1985 year of the strawberry.

Favourite colour : red.

Favourite music : City and colour, mojave 3

Favourite tea : darjeeling 1st flush, margaret’s hope.

Favourite activity : jumping up and down with a cuppa tea by her side.

She can’t decide between up and down, in or out, over there or over here, black or white, island or off island, love or friendship, a house or a flat, a cat or a dog, a big or a small mug and her hair being long or short.

She doesn’t know yet that her world is going to turn topsy turvy. She might go bonkers or she might remain quite sain. She hasn’t decided wether to brush her teeth for 3 minutes or 5 minutes, especially after reading the studies that have been made about teeth brushing, it might be even better to not brush your teeth at all. Her oven is about to explode in an ocean of colours and smells of roasted rose petals. 

On the other hand Lilly does know one thing : she is herself. And she has never been anyone else nor does she wish she could be anyone else. There is very good reason for that : trading skins comes with a heavy price. Your eyes change colour and your feet become longer, and if that was not enough, you hands start smelling like your feet if you do it too much. Lilly knew after watching her father do that alsmost every single morning that she could remember.

What will happen between her and Bookie when they both realize they could have gone to the end of the world and back and it wouldn’t have made a difference in their mutual attraction for each other. Bookie was a curious kind of man, full of intense heat, he loves nothing more than to draw on your feet.


If you want to read more about this wee little bit of woman called Lilly, well keep on following me!! 🙂 Ta daaa!!

Cheerio y’all xx till next time!


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