Z for Zee Avi, an amazing artist from South East Asia

She’s a malaysian singer (my age!!), and her voice is AMAZING!!! Have you heard of her before? If you haven’t taken this opportunity to go and discover her, GO!!!. She sings beautifully. How many adjectives can I use to describe her singing? Lots, I reckon. Her voice will haunt you. Once you start listening to her, you can never go back.
Some of my favourite tracks include : Kantoi, Bitter Heart, Honey Bee… and a lot more! And my top top one is : You and me.
She is also able to express what you might be feeling. If only my boyfriend could get started and read Kierkegaard… it would turn my world upside down, haha 😀 It really would!

Anyway this has been a fantactic challenge and do hope we all keep in touch. It’s been a wonderful experience and I promise to keep posting on this blog, so keep watching!
Although I can get back to a more quiet rythm 😛

And of course here is her website :


Cheerio A to Z challenge, it’s been a pleasure, I tip my hat to you! 🙂



Second letter B for Bonkers, Batty and « Bots » of Beer!

I first came accross the Tropfest festival held yearly in Sydney in 2006. It’s an event you should never forgo. It’s a short film festival with a theme common to all the videos; that year it was a sneeze!! One year it was a balloon, and it keeps going!
You get to the park around midday with your mates, bringing plenty of food and drinks, covers and games. Prepare yourself for an afternoon of fun-filled conversations, games and foody moments! 🙂 The films start being presented around 8pm, and they are truly fantastic. Ranging from hilarious to deeply moving, they provide each one with wonderful moments of escapism.
Tropfest takes place in February, so if you’re around in 2015, I highly recommend this moment!
Now as for the video : what can I say, it’s brilliant, hilarious and weird all at the same time! Random! Enjoy!

Cheerio y’all !! 😀